Free Puppy School

Early socialisation of your puppy is very important as it gives you the building blocks to work with in the ongoing training of your dog.

It is one of the most important learning and social development periods of your dog’s life. It is the time to correct any of your pup’s potential behavioural problems before they develop further.

For this reason we believe it is best to have these classes conducted by our vet nurse Leesa, who has been trained by Alpha Dog Training.

Furthermore, we feel these classes are so important for you and your puppy that they are run FREE of charge.

Puppy school is run at our clinic on Saturday mornings. Classes start at 10:30am and run for an hour. The classes are conducted outdoors and are weather dependent. If the weather looks miserable then we just ask for you to call us at 10am to make sure they are still running. If the forecast is over 36 degrees, the class is automatically cancelled.
Classes are also run 6:30pm – 7:30pm on Monday nights during daylight savings.

Puppies must be between 8 and 16 weeks of age and up to date with vaccinations.


Puppy School dates for 2018 are:

  • 6th and 13th January
  • 3rd and 17th February
  • 3rd and 17th March
  • 14th and 28th April
  • 12th and 26th May
  • 9th and 23rd June
  • 7th and 21st July
  • 4th and 18th August
  • 1st and 15th September
  • 13th and 27th October
  • 10th and 24th November
  • 8th and 15th December