Business Manager Beaconsfield/Officer Vet

Kelly is an experienced veterinary nurse, having worked in the industry for over 13 years. Before joining the BVC team in March 2012, Kelly worked as a surgical nurse at a specialist centre. She has a keen interest in wildlife and rehabilitation, and has cared for a variety of orphaned and injured wildlife. At home, Kelly has a variety of pets including a crazy Galah Trevor, chickens, Mr Tony a handsome Shihtzu cross and Magpie an energetic Devon Rex.


Practice Manager/Veterinary Nurse

Steph started working at Beaconsfield vet in June 2019, she is an experienced nurse having worked in the industry since 2010. Steph has a strong passion for animal care and has a particular interest in surgery. In her spare time, Steph is watching the latest movies and catching up with friends playing board games. Steph shares her home with her husband, her young son, her two cats, Severus and Merlin, and her beautiful Greyhound, Primrose



Brendan graduated from the University of Melbourne with Honours in 2012 and started work at Beaconsfield straight after Vet School. He has a keen interest in small animal internal medicine and ultrasonography and has just finished a year long distance education course in small animal internal medicine from the University of Sydney. Brendan loves Pugs and any short-nosed breed dog, so if you have one please come and see him! Brendan is a passionate Hawthorn supporter and in his spare time enjoys playing guitar/bass in his band. He is the proud owner of a gorgeous Pug named Darla, two cats named Buckwheat and Duncan.



Gigi studied Veterinary Science in India, and worked several years as a mixed animal Veterinary Surgeon before migrating to the United Kingdom in 2006. She successfully passed Membership examination and became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK. Gigi worked in a few small animal practices in London and gained experience in different aspects of small animal medicine before moving to Australia in 2014. Gigi then commenced work at a busy emergency and specialist hospital in South East Melbourne. Her focus and passion is small animal medicine and she is currently studying for a one year course in Emergency and critical care Medicine. She joined BVC in April 2019 and is happy to share her knowledge and love to your furry family members!


Veterinary Nurse

Jess joined the Beaconsfield Vet team at the end of April 2021. Wanting to gain as much knowledge and experience in animal health and care as she can, Jess has an array of animal health qualifications including a Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science, an Honours Science degree, and Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. Dreaming of being a vet since the age of 6, Jess is now hoping to gain entrance into a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

She loves caring for both hospital and surgery patients, and has a keen interest in the veterinary care of exotic pets and wildlife.

She considers herself very lucky to have grown up within bushland her whole life, surrounded by a range of animals – both pets and wildlife! Jess’ world revolves around her rescue Pomeranian named Tanuki, and is smitten by her herd of cheeky guinea pigs.


Animal Attendant

Jack Joined our team in February 2021 as an Animal Attendant. Jack is currently in high school and works at the clinic part time. Jack loves writing and hanging out with friends in his spare time. Jack also loves owning and taking care of cats and at home he has two Domestic shorthair cats Cleo and Lotus!


Animal Attendant

Rhubie has completed a bachelor of animal and veterinary bioscience at La Trobe University, and has a focus on veterinary epidemiology in 2023. In Rhubie’s spare time, she enjoys being creative/artistic and loves knitting. She also loves being in the garden and taking time to explore and enjoy different nature reserves. Rhubie enjoys horse riding, in particular, trail riding and has been riding horses since she was 5 years old! With her mum, Rhubie has 3 horses named Jahi, River and Beau.

Rhubie joined our BVC family in March 2021 as an Animal Attendant and is pictured with her rescued stray cat Flick and rescued Kelpie dog, Matilda.


Veterinary Nurse

Cheyenne has been training to be a Veterinary Nurse for 2 years now and has been working in the clinic environment for 18 months. She has loved every aspect of it!

Vet nursing is the perfect job for Cheyenne and she is the happiest she’s ever been working with animals. Cheyenne also hopes to do a course in dog obedience once she has completed her Vet Nurse studies.

Cheyenne has a love for big dogs as she grew up with them, but loves all animals great and small.
This is Cheyenne’s beautiful boofhead Nala, a long haired German shepherd and the love of her life. She also has two cats, Rogue and Echo.


Veterinary Nurse

Nadia has worked as a Veterinary Nurse since 2013 and started with Beaconsfield & Officer Vet in April 2023. She has a keen interest in surgery and patient care. She has grown up surrounded by animals which has fostered her love for them.

Nadia shares her home with 2 sheep, Molly & Steve, 4 ducks, Malibu, Tippit, Chuck, & Betty and 2 geese, Walter & Peggy.


Resident Clinic Cat

Addy (short for Adelaide) joined the team in 2006, as an adventurous 4 month old.

In June 2022 Addy went into retirement due to some health concerns.

She is in a loving vet nurse’s home, being spoilt rotten and enjoying her lazy years . We love you Addy, thanks for being with us from the start!